Portable Baby Sound Machine

Nov 02, 2016 0 Comments
Portable Baby Sound Machine

Disguised As An Adorable Monkey, Big Red Rooster Introduces Portable Baby Sound Machine For A Sound Sleep Anywhere And Anytime

Fishersville, VA (November 2, 16)  -- New parents are given a lot of advice but one worth heeding is never wake a sleeping baby. When baby sleeps through the night or even naps for an hour, hard working parents get some much-needed down time. Of course getting baby to sleep and stay asleep is a whole different topic! Big Red Rooster, makers of innovative sleep-related products, has this advice … put a monkey in the middle of you and baby!

Introducing the portable baby sound machine disguised as a whimsical brown monkey who can literally hang with you wherever you go! Pardon the pun but … parents are going bananas over this Portable Baby Sound Machine ($19.99).