Brian Johnson is the founder of London Johnson, Inc. He is tall, has red hair, and has been successfully creating products for retail stores for over 17 years.

Brian helped build a lighting company to $22 million in sales from a start-up. This company quickly became the leader in the industry, supplying products to retailers throughout North America. Through his efforts, these products were prominently featured on the shelves of the world’s leading retailers.

In June of 2015, Brian decided it was time to fulfill his dream of owning his own business and formed London Johnson, Inc.  His company mission was to create innovative products that help people fall asleep or get out of bed in the morning.

While thinking of a brand name he figured that nothing wakes you up in the morning quite like a rooster, a Big Red Rooster® in fact. This memorable and meaningful name will have everyone jumping out of bed in the morning.  The first Big Red Rooster® products to launch were an innovative collection of children's alarm clocks featuring the rocket ship projection alarm clock. Soon after that, a full line of sound machines were introduced, including a product line for adults and children. 

In 2017, Brian decided to launch new line of wireless LED lights under the Brilliant Evolution® brand.  With his extensive experience, he wanted to create a line of LED lights that had the most up-to-date technology at value prices.  The brand Brilliant Evolution® was created to symbolize that the lights are Brilliant (bright and intelligently designed) and evolving (there are constant changes in the lighting industry and these lights use cutting edge technology), thus Evolution.